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Heat Presses

  • Hotronix 16X20 Auto Open Clam

    Get Ready to Multi-Task. The Auto Clam opens automatically when time is up, preventing over-application and scorching, and allowing you to focus on more than one job at once. Three sizes available 16″ x 20″, 16″ x 16″,...

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  • Hotronix 16X20 Dual Air Fusion IQ

    Hotronix Dual Air Fusion IQ With two heat printing stations, the Dual Air Fusion IQ heat press increases efficiency by allowing threading and layout on one station while the other is being pressed. It's perfect for high-volume operations and for DTG...

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  • Hotronix 16X20 Fusion IQ

    Thread It! Print It! Spin It! Functioning as either a swinger or draw press, the 16" x 20" Fusion IQ offers a heat-free work space, touch screen settings, and live digital time, temperature, and pressure readouts. Plus, with industry-exclusive...

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  • Hotronix 16X20 Hover Heat

    The “Cure” for Direct-to-Garment Inks. With two modes — hover for curing or press for application — the 16" x 20" Hotronix Hover heat press is great for DTG and screen printing operations, as well as heat transfer application...

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  • Hotronix 16X20 The MAXX Clam

    Delivers MAXXimum value for start-up businesses. This affordable, easy-to-use heat press is perfect for start-ups or home-based businesses. It's also an excellent choice as a second heat press, and portable for on-site heat printing. Easy-to-read...

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  • PowerPress 15x15 Heat Press

    PowerPress 15x15 Heat Press

     Warranty: Each heat press machine comes with a two (2) year warranty and one (1) teflon sheet,,,, The two (2) year warranty covers all electrical malfunctions not caused by customer abuse, neglect or misuse. Brand new model 15-by-15-inch...

    MSRP: $320.00
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